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Labs in British Columbia

Cytogenetic (Chromosome) Testing

May include such testing as: karyotype, FISH testing, comparative microarray analysis (CMA).

  • BC Children’s Hospital Cytogenetic Lab: 604-875-2304
  • Royal Columbian Hospital Cytogenetic Lab: 604-520-4484
  • Vancouver General Hospital Cytogenetic Lab: 604-875-4129
  • Victoria General Hospital Cytogenetic Lab: 250-727-4262
  • BC Cancer Agency Cytogenetic Lab: 604-877-6000 ext. 2094

DNA Testing for Hereditary Cancer Syndromes

Genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes generally requires that the patient be referred to the Hereditary Cancer Program at the BC Cancer Agency. This clinic facilitates testing in BC at the Cancer Genetics Lab as well as out of province testing for hereditary cancer syndromes for which testing is not available in BC.

DNA and Biochemical Testing for Metabolic Disorders:

  • BC Children’s Hospital Biochemical Genetics Lab: 604-875-2307

HLA Typing (including HLA typing related to Celiac disease):

Testing to determine donor suitability should be coordinated through a Transplant Coordinator. For HLA testing to determine disease susceptibility (including Celiac disease) or drug sensitivities, contact the lab to discuss feasibility prior to sending the patient for testing.

  • Vancouver General Hospital Immunology Lab: 604-875-4393 

 Thrombophilia Testing

May include such testing as: Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin II

  • Vancouver General Hospital Immunology Lab: 604-875-4393
  • Victoria General Hospital Molecular Lab: 250-727-4262 

 MTHFR Testing

MTHFR genetic testing is of limited clinical utility given the high degree of heterozygosity in the general population and is, therefore, not clinically available in BC. For further reading related to this topic, please see the ACMG Practice Guideline: lack of evidence for MTHFR polymorphism testing. For clinically valid alternative approaches to testing in families at risk of homozygosity, please contact Vancouver General Hospital Immunology Lab: 604-875-4393. 

Alpha-1 antitrypsin (A1AT) Testing

Testing for alpha-1 antritrypsin follows a specific protocol which may include sequencing of the SERPINA1 gene. In B.C. SERPINA1 gene sequencing is currently only available under this protocol. For further information, contact the St. Paul's Hospital lab directly.

  • Dr. Andre Mattman, St. Paul's Hospital, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine: 604-806-8810

 Double Stranded DNA/DNA Antibody screen (used primarily in the work up of systemic lupus erythmatosis –SLE) 

(aka ds DNA, Anti DNA Screen, DNA Screen, ADNA, DNA autoantibodies, Crithidia DNA, and DNA by Crithidia)    

Testing for both adult and pediatric patients is performed at BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) – Department of Hematology.   See elab Handbook for sample requriements and further details; search term "DNA antibody". 


Paternity and Other Identity Testing:

May include such testing as paternity testing, testing to determine whether twins are identical or fraternal, other identity testing. Many private labs perform these tests in Canada. MGL does not endorse any particular lab. Labs can be identified easily using any search engine and the search terms “Vancouver paternity testing.”

Labs outside of British Columbia

Clinical molecular genetic testing is available worldwide. A useful resource for identifying appropriate labs is For further information on pursuing medically relevant out-of-province molecular genetic testing, please see Out of Province Testing Protocol and FAQs.

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